All our Family Care Home puppies leave us any time after 8-9 weeks. They are cared for by you as you would as a normal puppy. You would do the general dog upkeep such as worming, flea treatment and yearly vaccinations.

We have them come back for 2 hours at around 6 months of age for photos, a check-up and a haircut, then we health test them at 12 months old, then only if they pass the health testing, we have them back for breeding.

If they do not pass, we desex them and they stay with the family and there is no more to pay. In this case, the security deposit is not refundable.

The boys come to us 1-4 times a year, for 3-7 days at a time. The girls come into season twice a year, and they will come back to us for breeding for 3-7 days to be bred. (Duration of the stay for both boys and girls may be more depending on the timing of girl’s ovulation.)

For more information about Female Dog’s Season, please check our Female Dog’s Season Link.

She will then go home and come back to us a week before she is due to have her puppies, and then she will be with us for about 5 weeks after she has puppies. So, she will have one litter of puppies a year. * Girl’s 2nd season is not to be scheduled for the subsequent breeding if the delivery was already made for the 1st season of the year.)

Then the puppy is desexed at our cost before you keep the dog and the deposit is returned at the end of the breeding contract for the females and a half is returned for the males, as a thank you for your and your dog’s participation in the breeding program.

We have more females come available for this than we do males.