It is roughly the canine equivalent of periods (menstruation) in people. When your girl is in season, she will be able to conceive a pregnancy. And she will give off cues and scents that will attract entire male dogs.

Female dog usually comes into season from 6 months onwards. Once she reaches maturity, she will come into heat regularly, every 6-12 months. This is referred to as being ‘in season.”

Female generally comes into and remains in heat for around 3-4 weeks at a time, although this is very variable and anything between 2 weeks and 4 weeks is considered normal. If your girl remains in season for more than 4 weeks at a time, please let us know, so we can get her checked.

Your girl’s back end will often be visibly larger and darker looking than usual, with the vulva swollen and the tail often raised. Your girl will also be discharging blood, although often not in any great quantity, particularly for smaller breeds of dog. Her behaviour may also change, with her appearing more clingy and needy than usual, she may also clean and lick herself a lot.

Your girl can only conceive a pregnancy (and generally, will only accept a male dog mounting her) while she is in season. Your girl can get pregnant at any time during her heat cycle, although the most fertile stage of the cycle is considered to be between the 8th day to the 15th day from the beginning of the cycle.

If we do not intend to breed her please keep her home safe from other male dogs during this period.