Sunset Hills puts a very high priority on Family and raising well socialized puppies in our home.

We have now set up some fixed office hours to assist us in maintaining a well-rounded, healthy, happy, functioning family unit. We have found that we must invest our time into running a healthy, happy family home-base to ensure your puppies are raised in the possible best environment.

Sunset Hills operates in the business hours below: 

Our Business Hours

Monday – Friday 9 am – 4 pm

Please note that during our business hours, we also have scheduled veterinary appointments, puppy transports etc. So, if you do not reach us in person, please leave a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible. If your schedule is such that you are unable to contact us during these times, please send us an email. We will set up a time with you.

Please understand that available times out of Business Hours is very limited. On Saturday and Sunday mornings are dedicated to our family, we do not make exceptions.

Thank you for your understanding and your support for us, while we try and secure the best possible environment, to raise your puppies in.

If you have any questions, please contact us using the contact form below.

Contact Information

Sunset Hills Pty Ltd
41 Aunger Rd., Lewiston, SA 5501, Australia
Telephone: 08-8524-3200
*International calls: +61-8-8524-3200
*For international calls please check our time zone
(Adelaide, South Australia): World Clock

Please call and make an appointment to come and visit our centre. We are not always able to accommodate visits especially while we have young puppies that are not old enough to be vaccinated.

All of our puppies are born and live their first few weeks in our home, so while this is wonderful socialization for our puppies, it also makes our availability for scheduling visits limited.

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