At Sunset Hills, you will find available some of the most beautiful allergy and asthma friendly Australian Labradoodles and Labradoodle Puppies for sale as family companion pets and breeding stock.

To find out the procedures to obtain your pet puppies from us, or to register for our Family Care Home Program (FCH), please see the information below.

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Our puppies are raised in Lewiston, South Australia. They play with their Mums, and the “Doodle Gang” both indoors and outdoors. All puppies receive age-appropriate veterinary care including vaccinations and worming.

Unless you are contracting an Australian Labradoodle for breeding purposes, your puppy will be desexed before leaving Sunset Hills. This service is included in the price of your puppy.

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How to Apply for a Pet Puppy

To find out more about our pet puppies, prices, guarantee and how to apply for your pet puppy, please go to “Apply for a Pet Puppy” from the link below.

Family Care Home Program (FCH)

Each breeding dog is homed with a local ‘guardian’ family, then visits the Sunset Hills property only when they are honeymooning and/or to have their puppies.

The aim of the Family Care Home Program is to place our breeding ‘Doods’ and ‘Doodettes’ in loving home environments to promote happy, healthy and much adored family pets. Whilst there is a dedicated team of dog carers on the property to provide visitors with all the comforts of home, there is nothing a dog loves more than its very own family.

Family Care Home Program

How to Apply for FCH Program

To know more about our Family Care Home Program (FCH) including how it works, timelines, the cost involved, and how to apply for the program, please go to “FCH Program” form the link below.