Followings are some important tips for health care of your puppy.


Enclosed in your puppy packet, you will find their Vaccination card provided by our veterinary clinic.  This card shows what Vaccinations your puppy has received and has the due date of your puppy’s next vaccinations. 

Make sure you take this card in with you for your puppy’s vet appointment.  Please do not expose your puppy to other dogs or areas where dogs may frequent until 14 days after they have received their final immunizations at 14 weeks of age.

Sunset Hills recommends all BUYERS to take their puppies in for a puppy health examination within 72 hours after arrival to you.

Please see our contract and Guarantee for more specific information.

Labradoodle Health Issues

Australian Labradoodles have tendencies towards ear infections, if not monitored closely.

They usually grow hair in their ear canals and they also have waxy ears so the combination can cause dirty ears and a lack of airflow that leads to infection.

The recommended maintenance for a labradoodle’s ears is to purchase an ear cleaning solution from your veterinarian and use this in his ears once a week.

We also suggest that you trim underneath your labradoodles earflaps and pluck the ear canal to help with air flow. By doing this you will help ensure that your labradoodle does not have ear infections.

Some breeders and veterinarians believe that the ear problems that are seen in the Labradoodle today are in fact just an extension of a skin and allergy problem that the Labradoodles can display. 

This product will kill any bacteria or fungus that may be on your dogs’ skin. Malaseb’s active ingredients are chlorhexidine and miconazole. Malaseb is an antibacterial, antifungal, antipruritic shampoo for dogs. We highly recommend use of this product as a preventative to possible skin irritation and allergies.


Your puppy may need a bath upon arrival to you. Please use Malaseb or a MILD puppy soap recommended by your veterinarian. 

Labradoodles do not need to be bathed often and doing so can actually “ruin” their coat.  We recommend no more than 3-4 times a year, and we recommend Organic Shampoo. 

Labradoodles have a “lanolin” in their coat that helps repel dirt and water. If you over bath your Labradoodle with soaps (both Natural and Chemical), it can destroy the natural oils in the coat and then cause them to attract dirt rather than repel it. 

If your Labradoodle gets muddy and dirty, the best thing to do is have them stay in a dry area for about 3 hours to “Dry Clean.” We know it may sound strange, but that muddy dirty puppy will dry out and all the dirt will fall off and not stay in the coat. If you find that some has stayed, it is best to do a quick grooming after they are completely dry. 

If you have a dirty puppy that has gotten into something that has a strong smell, try to first rinse the coat with water only and dry. If this does not fix the smell then commence with bathing and use Malaseb or a MILD dog bathing soap.