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practices ethical and responsible breeding, and we believe in a holistic, family focused, 'kennel' free environment for all of our dogs and puppies. Each breeding dog is homed with a local 'guardian' family, then visits the Sunsethills property only when they are honeymooning and/or to have their puppies. The aim of the Care Home Program is to place our breeding 'Doods' and 'Doodettes' in loving
home environments, to promote happy, healthy and much adored family pets. Whilst there is a dedicated team of dog carers on the property to provide visitors with all of the comforts of home, there is nothing a dog loves more than it's very own Human. This is where you come in! As a guardian family, you would care for one of our breeding dogs/puppies in your home as your own pet. You will be responsible for loving them, walking them, grooming them, making sure they have a good diet, vet check ups and a safe place to sleep and play, while they participate in their breeding program.

How does the breeding program work?

For Females: You will need to keep an eye out for her seasons and notify us the day this happens. These can occur from about 6 months of age onwards, and approximately 6-8 months apart. When she is over 12 months old and in season, she will be required to visit Sunset Hills to mate, and this usually occurs on the eleventh and thirteenth day from the day you first sight blood (so two days with one day break in between). We can give you advice on how to check for your female’s season.

For Males: Once a female comes into season (as per above) we may require your male Labradoodle to visit Sunsethills for breeding. This occurs on day eleven and thirteen of the female's season, so it is usually with about a week's notice, and on both of the two days the female is available.

How long is the Breeding Program?

On average, our breeding dogs are de-sexed and retire around the age of five, with females producing no more than a maximum of four litters during her breeding career. Once a dog is retired, they have no further obligation to the Sunsethills breeding program and they live out their lives of leisure with you as normal.

Is there a cost involved?

If you take on a breeding dog as a puppy, there will be a $250.00 deposit payable on collection (n/a for older dog). This deposit is refundable at the completion of the dog’s breeding contract if all conditions are met. Of course there are also the normal dog related expenses, such as food, non-breeding related vet bills, local council registration etc.

There is a certain level of responsibility with a breeding dog that you need to consider and discuss with each person of your household before you register your interest for the Care Home Program.

By submitting the following form, you are registering your interest in the Care Home Program. There is no cost to register, you will be added to the Database and contacted when a suitable puppy/dog becomes available for you. Please include an email address.

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